Are you curious about how low carb nutrition can help type 2 diabetes? 

If you're a clinician who wants to know how low carb can lead to remission from type 2 diabetes, we can help. 

Defeat Diabetes is Australia's leading evidence-based self-managed program helping people with T2DM achieve better glycaemic control and remission.

Our proven program, developed by doctors and dietitians, uses therapeutic carbohydrate restriction (TCR), to safely help patients return their HbA1c to pre-diabetes range.

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, available online or via a mobile app, gives patients and health professionals a framework to achieve better glycaemic management and remission from T2DM.

Get the tools you need for a TCR approach

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TCR is an evidence-based approach to T2DM remission and improved glycaemic management. If you're interested in transitioning patients or clients to a carbohydrate restricted diet download your free TCR toolkit today. 

TCR research report

Read the latest gold-standard research supporting TCR for T2DM management and remission. 

Deprescribing guide 

GP Guide for deprescribing for patients when adopting TCR for type 2 diabetes management. 

Patient guide and handouts

Downloadable book and handouts created by medical professionals for clients and patients considering TCR.

Complimentary access 

HCPs receive free access to Defeat Diabetes, a digital program to support patients adopting a low carb approach. 

Professor Peter Brukner OAM

Defeat Diabetes Founder

"Ten years ago, I was 60. I had pre-diabetes and was obese despite following the dietary guidelines. I had a fatty liver, high insulin and high triglyceride levels. 

"A colleague suggested carbs, not fats, were the issue. After a 3-month trial of a low carb diet, I had lost 13 kg, my blood markers returned to normal, and I felt mentally and physically better. It was a life-changing experience.

"Since then, I have passionately advocated the low carb approach and developed the Defeat Diabetes Program, which aims to help 100,000 Australians achieve remission."

Professor Peter Brukner OAM

Founder, Defeat Diabetes  

How the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program works

Since 2021, the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program has helped 9,500 people living with type 2 diabetes achieve better glycaemic control.

Created by a team of healthcare professionals, the online program is accessible on a 12-month ($129) or 3-month subscription ($59) via a mobile app or online and is free to HCPs. The program provides evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to adopt a carbohydrate restricted lifestyle. 

100+ hours video
Hundreds of recipes
Weekly meal plans
300+ Articles
Quizzes & Actions
Members community
Shopping lists
Easy workouts

75% of my patients with type 2 now have an Hba1c of <7

(and 58% are <6.5)

Dr Anita Lowe, low carb GP doctor Townsville
Dr Anita Lowe

“After discovering Defeat Diabetes through a talk by Professor Peter Brukner, I went low carb myself. I lost a kilo a week, and my reflux disappeared. My experience and the overwhelming evidence convinced me. 

"In January 2023, I recalled my obese patients and those with type 2 diabetes with a new weight-loss approach. I used Defeat Diabetes as an allied health branch and did revised care plans, seeing 60 patients in the first two months.


"Just about every one is now following the Defeat Diabetes Program. My patients lost on average 3-4 kg in the first month and 4 cm from the waist, and 58% now have an HbA1c of <6.5."

The medical team leading the Defeat Diabetes Program

The Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program has been created by a team of medical professionals and is recommended by endocrinologists, orthopaedic surgeons, gastroenterologists, physiologists and diabetes educators. 

Peter Brukner profile photo

Prof. Peter Brukner OAM

Defeat Diabetes founder

Paul Mason profile photo

Dr Paul Mason

Sports Medicine and Exercise Physician

Nicola Moore profile photo

Nicole Moore

Master Nutrition APD

2 in 3 Defeat Diabetes members

returned blood glucose levels to a pre-diabetes range after following the program.

lost weight
reduced or stopped MEDICATION

Self-reported results from 284 members in the Defeat Diabetes 2023 survey.

Transforming lives

The inspiring stories from people who have followed the Defeat Diabetes Program and improved glycaemic control and achieved remission.

Tina DeZen nurse type 2 diabetes remission success story
Tina D, nurse
HbA1c down from 8.4% to 5.7%

"I consulted medical professionals for my type 2 diabetes but nothing worked. The lessons in the Defeat Diabetes Program were the exact education I needed. It has completely changed my life."

  • Achieved remission

Iain McIntyre type 2 diabetes remission success story
Iain M, GP
HbA1c down from 9.9% to 3.1%

"As a GP I tried everything to manage my type 2 diabetes. Since following the Defeat Diabetes Program my life has changed. It gives you the tools and education to do it yourself."

  • Achieved remission

Toni Bahler midwife Defeat Diabetes success story type 2 diabetes remission

Toni B, midwife

HbA1c down from 11.1% to 7%

"I like that the program is based in science. After just two months on the Defeat Diabetes Program I've lost 10 kg, my brain fog is gone, I have more energy. It's a really simple program."

Patient benefits of the Defeat Diabetes Program

Better blood glucose levels

2 in 3 of our members achieved non-diabetic blood glucose levels. 

Weight loss

92% of surveyed members lost weight, 8 kg on average, with 1 in 4 losing more than 10 kg. 

Better sleep

Better sleep is something almost half our members report once they start the program.  

Reduced joint pain

A reduced carb intake leads to reduced inflammation, which typically leads to less joint pain.

Less diabetes medications

One-third of Defeat Diabetes members who were taking medication were able to stop or reduce it.

Better mental health and happiness

4 in 10 members said they’d experienced better mental health and more than half reported improved overall happiness. 

Self-reported results from 284 members in the Defeat Diabetes 2023 survey.

Download your TCR kit and learn more

Download your TCR kit providing: 
  • Deprescribing guide
  • Guide to Type 2 Diabetes Remission ebook and handouts for patients
  • Clinical evidence for TCR report
  • Free access code to the Defeat Diabetes Program for HCPs