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Print the coupon below for patients in colour or black and white. The QR code links to the Defeat Diabetes checkout page and will ensure the 15% discount is already applied (there is no need for a coupon code) and that the program sale is attributed to your unique partner ID. Your patient must use this QR code in order for us to track the sale to your partner account.

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What is remission?

Remission means your HbA1c is below 6.5% and you're medication-free for 3 months. It does not mean the disease is cured. 

How can I achieve remission?

Remission can be achieved by managing your blood sugar levels through diet or bariatric surgery. Studies have shown that reducing carbohydrates is as effective or better than low calorie diets or surgery.

Don't I need carb?

No! Carbs are NOT essential for your health; your body can use fat for energy. Evidence supports low carb eating, particularly for managing type 2 diabetes and achieving remission. 

How does Defeat Diabetes work?

Through guided lessons, the Defeat Diabetes Program will teach you to modify your diet to improve blood sugar levels and achieve remission. Our program has been developed by doctors and dietitians so you can feel confident knowing your diet is appropriate for managing or reversing type 2 diabetes. 

The benefits our members report

Weight loss

Better joints

Better glycaemic control

Better mental health

Remission from type 2 diabetes

Fewer or stopped diabetes medications