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Download free resources from Defeat Diabetes to help transition patients and clients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes into therapeutic carbohydrate restriction. 


Defeat Diabetes book for HCPs: 'An introduction to TCR'

Your TCR Toolkit 

Download Defeat Diabetes Introduction to TCR that combines our most popular HCP resources in a single document:

  • What is Defeat Diabetes? 
  • Clinical Evidence Report
  • Deprescribing for TCR

Dr David Unwin explains how he became the UKs leading low carb clinic

My low carb clinic: Dr David Unwin 

Dr David Unwin shares how his clinic became the UK's leading low carb practice for type 2 diabetes.

Downloads for HCPs

Helpful resources and materials for HCPs wanting to learn more about implementing TCR in clinic. 

Woman reaching for book on TCR
Clinical Evidence Report

The latest research assessing TCR for type 2 diabetes management.

Doctor advising a patient with type 2 diabetes
Deprescribing Guide 

GP Guide to deprescribing for patients with T2DM.

Female doctor explaining Defeat Diabetes to a patient
How Defeat Diabetes works for you

Discover how the Defeat Diabetes Program supports HCPs and patients. 

Dr Anita Lowe explains how she set up her low carb clinic
My low carb clinic: Dr Anita Lowe  

Read GP Dr Anita Lowe's advice for implementing low carb in your clinic.

Doctor gets his lifetime access code to the Defeat Diabetes Low CArb Program
Complimentary HCP access code

Get free access to the Defeat Diabetes Program when you become a Partner.

Clinical Guidelines for TCR

Read the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners TCR guidelines.

Downloads for patients and clients

Helpful resources and materials for HCPs to share with patients wanting to learn more about adopting a low carb approach. 

Butterfly emerges from its cocoon
Patient Guide to T2DM Remission 

An introduction to low carb and how it can help manage type 2 diabetes.

Couple meal planning on the Defeat Diabetes Program
Guide to meal planning 

Defeat Diabetes dietitian Nicole Moore shares simple tips for low carb meals. 

Happy group BBQ while following the Defeat Diabetes food guide
Food guide 

Our Red/Amber/Green guide to what to eat when you go low carb.

Couple taste test food in their kitchen following teh Defeat Diabetes Low CArb Program
Hunger scale  

How to tell if you are feeling physical hunger or emotional hunger. 

happy couple get a 15% discount to the Defeat DiabetesProgram
15% Patient discount code

Discounted patient access to the Defeat Diabetes Program for Partners. 

Defeat Diabetes member shows her transformation before joining Defeat Diabetes and After joining Defeat Diabetes
The Defeat Diabetes Program

Helpful info for patients to learn more about the Defeat Diabetes Program. 

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