Cholesterol and the low carb lifestyle

Duration: 26:25

Dr Laureen Lawlor-Smith

Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith has been a doctor since 1982. She has owned and managed her own General Practices in Adelaide’s southern suburbs for much of her career. She is passionate about helping people change their lives and improve their health through lifestyle medicine.

Despite following and dispensing conventional medical advice around diet and exercise for 35 years as a general practitioner, Laureen found herself obese, with pre-diabetes, sleep apnoea, and filled with shame. After discovering the transformational benefits of a low carb lifestyle, she was able to reverse her health issues, lose weight and improve her overall health.

Discovering the low carb lifestyle has completely changed her life. Her experience led to Laureen leaving general practice and co-founding the Low Carb Keto Health Clinic where she helps patients lose weight and gain health. She has reconnected with why she became a doctor to start with and now absolutely loves her job again.

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