Safe implementation of low carb for type 2 diabetes

Duration: 11:58

Rachelle Martin

Rachelle is an independent nutritionist and a metabolic health and weight loss specialist. As a child and teenager, Rachelle was lean and athletic. At the age of 23, she gained weight, despite no change in diet or activity level, other than the new high grain, low-fat diet that Australian Dietary Guidelines then promoted. With a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis and eventually gestational diabetes, she was unaware of the link of insulin resistance in these conditions. 

It would take 15 years of hard work and studying to find out why. In 2017, Rachelle changed her practice from being predominately focused on gut-related issues with nutrition, to become focused on weight loss with low carbohydrate and high healthy fat diets. She has a very high success rate with her patient-focused, individualised diet plans, backed by strong scientific evidence. 

Rachelle has a background in food journalism and is a serious cook. She has a Masters Degree of Human Nutrition from Deakin University, a Bachelor of Nursing, as well as a Bachelor of Management.

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