The life of a low carb GP

Duration: 13:41

Dr Penny Figtree 

Dr Penny Figtree graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with first class honours and has worked ore than 20 years of in general practice.  

After seeing the power of a low carbohydrate diet to help people lose weight and achieve type 2 diabetes remission Dr Figtree decided to specialise in diabetes and weight loss. 

Previously Dr Figtree had tried to help patients using diets such as low fat diets, Optifast and the 5:2 fast, but nothing really worked. In the end she would find herself saying “Well, as long as you are not gaining weight then that’s great”. Then Dr Figtree read a book called “Always Hungry” by Professor David Ludwig who shared the principles of the insulin-carbohydrate model of obesity.

Dr Figtree has now been practising low carb medicine for two years. She describes this as the most rewarding part of her career:  stopping medications and helping patients feel well.

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