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Type 2 Diabetes is scary and I don’t want it. The program has helped to prevent it. It is brilliant.”

Member, regional Tasmania. Reduced HbA1c from 6% to 5.5%. 

From the start, we said our goal was to help 100,000 people achieve type 2 diabetes remission. Lofty? Sure. But if the results from our 2023 survey are anything to go by, we’re well on our way to success.

We asked more than 700 people about their experience with the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program, and the results were inspiring. 2 out of 3 members reported that they have reduced their blood sugars to non-diabetic levels. But the benefits our members are seeing go beyond managing diabetes. As one member happily wrote, “For me, it’s more than about diabetes. I just find Defeat Diabetes improves my overall health and energy, and I know I won’t get diabetes, which is a real bonus.”

2023 Defeat Diabetes member survey results

More than half of the folks following the Defeat Diabetes Low Carb Program have improved their energy levels, 42% report they are sleeping better, and 54% have increased their overall happiness. 


“The results we’ve seen in our 2023 member survey are so encouraging. Defeat Diabetes is giving thousands of people – both here in Australia and now overseas – a sense of hope in achieving type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes remission. What we hear time and time again is that members are experiencing added benefits of weight loss, higher energy levels and a reduction in medication,” said Defeat Diabetes founder Dr Peter Brukner.

Helping members into remission

“Thanks to Defeat Diabetes, I now feel in control of my future. At my last visit to the GP, she told me that I am ‘no longer a diabetic” reported a member from Victoria who lowered her HbA1c from 6.5% to 5.3% while following the program.

Dr Brukner explained, “It’s no surprise. There is substantial evidence that a diet based on real, natural food that’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein and healthy fats can halt and send type 2 diabetes into remission.

“Type 2 diabetes is one of Australia’s most burdensome epidemics, costing our nation more than $1.9 BN annually and causing serious complications like heart disease, blindness, kidney disease and amputation. Unlike other epidemics, it is entirely preventable with a healthy lifestyle and improved nutrition.

“The dietary guidelines promote a diet of foods that are low in fat and high in carbs. Where has this left us? Fatter and sicker. In fact, 2 out of 3 Australian adults are obese or overweight, and shockingly, 1 in every 4 children. Our member survey results show there is an easy way to manage and send type 2 diabetes into remission,” said Dr Brukner.

A lifestyle, not a diet

 The Defeat Diabetes back-to-basics approach is not a diet but a simple, long-lasting way of eating. “It’s the first program that I have found to be sustainable. I’m not on a diet; I’m simply making healthy and delicious choices.” said a 65-year-old member from regional Victoria, who reports losing 16 kg since starting the program and lowering her HbA1c. 

“Our mission at Defeat Diabetes is to show people how to reclaim their hope, their health and, ultimately, their lives,” said Dr Brukner.

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